15 Free Alternatives To ChatGPT - Diversify Your Use of AI

What are the best substitutes for ChatGPT

What are the best substitutes for ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an impressive language model created by OpenAI, meticulously crafted to produce text that closely resembles human-generated content when interacting with users.

However, OpenAI isn't the sole player in the chatbot arena. There exist various free and paid ChatGPT alternatives that you can explore.

In this article, we will reveal some of the top-notch free alternatives to ChatGPT. You will be well-equipped to make an educated choice when selecting an AI-powered tool that best suits your unique needs and specific requirements.

Overview Of ChatGPT: What Are Its Drawbacks?

ChatGPT is an advanced and sophisticated artificial intelligence model. It demonstrates remarkable capabilities in understanding and utilizing natural language across various applications.

The platform encompasses features, like natural language understanding, automated search and response functionalities, and seamless integration with existing customer service systems.

However, it's important to note that ChatGPT heavily relies on fact-checking, which can be time-consuming. If you possess substantial knowledge about a particular topic and you're working on an article, it might be more beneficial to write it yourself.

Moreover, ChatGPT cannot generate real-time data. Consequently, it cannot actively monitor customer conversations to promptly identify and address emerging issues. This may result in businesses struggling to efficiently and expeditiously handle customer queries and complaints.

Additionally, there are ethical dilemmas that arise for SEO professionals. Should writers disclose to their clients that content is generated using ChatGPT and not an original creation? Is it necessary for writers to consider the ethical implications of presenting work that is not genuinely their own? These are questions that need careful consideration.

One limitation of ChatGPT is its reliance on existing information from sources like Wikipedia or its database.

If the required information is not available in these sources, ChatGPT cannot "learn" it due to its predictive nature. Hence, it is crucial to exercise caution when making claims about ChatGPT's abilities.

This is precisely where many creators encounter difficulties with ChatGPT and AI-generated content. They often rely heavily on the application to generate content, when, in reality, the creation of factually accurate and comprehensible content requires the involvement of human minds.

Why Is It Sometimes Better To Use A ChatGPT Alternative?

ChatGPT is not the only choice

ChatGPT is not the only choice

There are several compelling reasons to consider using an alternative to ChatGPT. One primary advantage is the access to more advanced features.

For instance, many alternatives offer sentiment analysis and speech recognition capabilities, enabling businesses to create personalized conversations with customers.

This facilitates tailored responses based on customer input, leading to a more engaging customer experience. Additionally, these alternatives often support multiple languages and seamlessly integrate with other customer service systems.

Another benefit of opting for a ChatGPT alternative is the potential for cost-effectiveness. While ChatGPT provides an impressive array of features, its pricing structure may be prohibitive for some businesses. In contrast, alternatives frequently offer more flexible pricing options, including free plans for small businesses.

Moreover, some ChatGPT alternatives prioritize user-friendliness. They provide intuitive user interfaces that allow users to swiftly get started without any coding knowledge.

This ease of use saves businesses time and money by eliminating the need to hire a developer for setting up their virtual agent.

Best Free Alternatives To ChatGPT To Try

Now, it’s time to unlock the power of conversational AI for free! The 15 ChatGPT substitutes below won't cost you a penny while effectively helping you maximize your workflow and productivity.

For Essays

Jasper Chat

Jasper chat is a helpful writing tool

Jasper chat is a helpful writing tool

Jasper, an AI writing software tool, stands as a formidable contender to ChatGPT (not in a literal sense). Previously recognized as Jarvis, it has gained significant popularity in the AI writing tool market, alongside Writesonic.

Jasper proves to be an excellent choice for businesses seeking to generate top-notch content expeditiously.

Introducing Jasper Chat, a novel chat interface introduced by the Jasper platform, aimed at streamlining content creation processes. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, it enhances output quality and delivers superior results.

The freshly launched Jasper Chat is meticulously crafted and optimized for specific business applications like sales and marketing, revolutionizing the content creation landscape by simplifying and accelerating the process.


YouChat, a chatbot search assistant powered by You.com, revolutionizes the way users interact with the internet. By utilizing generative AI technology, YouChat enables users to query the internet through messaging, offering a conversational and intuitive experience.

With natural language input, users can ask questions and receive results in a conversational format.

What sets YouChat apart is its ability to comprehend user intent, and provide relevant answers to queries. It combines language models and search algorithms to deliver accurate and informative responses.

Accessible through web and mobile platforms, YouChat serves as a versatile tool for various tasks, including information retrieval, planning, and even making purchases.

An outstanding feature of YouChat is its ability to provide citations, making it a valuable resource for research and fact-checking.

By incorporating information from reputable sources, it ensures reliability and even offers links to those sources in response to user queries.


When it comes to students seeking an all-encompassing alternative to ChatGPT, Socratic by Google stands out as a top choice. As a Google service, Socratic offers comprehensive assistance across various subjects, making it a versatile tool for students.

It excels in providing long-form explanations, utilizing both text and speech recognition to cater to different learning styles.

Socratic goes beyond simple answers by offering study guides, instructional videos, and step-by-step guidance, enabling students to develop effective learning methods. Additionally, it leverages Google's "Knowledge Graph" to access up-to-date information from the internet, ensuring that the provided content remains current and reliable.

For Content Creation


Chat with ChatSonic with the same steps as ChatGPT

Chat with ChatSonic with the same steps as ChatGPT

ChatSonic is a large-scale, trained dialogue response generation model that functions similarly to ChatGPT. This AI chatbot offers a powerful platform for engaging conversations.

ChatSonic boasts an array of exceptional features, including real-time code results, voice text-to-speech functionality, and even image generation capabilities.

We put it to the test by running several coding experiments, and the results were outstanding. It provided clear explanations for various code-related issues and effectively resolved bugs. The chatbot allows inputs of up to 4,000 words per query, ensuring comprehensive communication.

However, compared to ChatGPT, our testing did reveal a few limitations with ChatSonic. The user interface falls short in terms of simplicity and design when compared to ChatGPT.

It can feel crowded with excessive information, leaving minimal space to view the AI-generated outputs.

Additionally, response speed lags behind ChatGPT, and while ChatSonic remembers conversations, its effectiveness diminishes after approximately 3-4 inputs.

To experience ChatSonic firsthand, you can try it out for free before considering the purchase of the paid version. The trial includes 10,000 complimentary words, after which an upgrade to the paid version is required.

OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground serves as a feature-packed demonstration version of ChatGPT, offering an abundance of customizable options. With a larger neural network than ChatGPT, it stands as a more advanced AI tool tailored for developers.

The OpenAI Playground provides developers with various adjustment possibilities, including model type selection, frequency penalty adjustment, token count modification, and the ability to load presets.

As a developer, if you intend to work with the OpenAI API, the Playground offers an ideal space to explore and test AI features before integrating them into your applications or websites.

Utilizing the same OpenAI technology as ChatGPT, the OpenAI Playground delivers comparable accuracy and effectiveness in addressing coding-related inquiries and concerns.

However, it is important to note that the OpenAI Playground is not free. Upon initial access, users receive a free trial credit of $18, which can be utilized for AI prompts.

This free credit remains valid until it is exhausted or for three months. Once the credit is depleted or the time limit is reached, access to the Playground is restricted unless additional credits are purchased.

For Coding

GitHub Copilot

Write code with GitHub copilot

Write code with GitHub copilot

GitHub Copilot, an excellent tool for developers, leverages machine learning to provide contextual code auto-completion. It supports multiple programming languages, including Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, and more.

Recently, a new and enhanced version of GitHub Copilot, called Copilot X, has been launched. Powered by the advanced GPT-4 model, this version introduces exciting features such as AI chat assistance, test generation, and built-in CLI functionality.

To explore the capabilities of GitHub Copilot, you can take advantage of the current 30-day free trial. After the trial period, a subscription fee will be required to continue using the service.


Tabnine made a groundbreaking entrance into the IDE market under the name Codota, establishing itself as a prominent player in the field. Its code completion plugin has become a widely adopted standard among users, offering support for a vast range of languages, libraries, and frameworks.

Tabnine is committed to open-source licensing, ensuring the protection of your code against any possible plagiarism or copyright violations. With Tabnine Pro, you gain the ability to enhance your coding experience even further. It provides a private AI model that can be trained to align with your unique coding style and patterns, offering a highly personalized coding assistant.

Google Bard AI

Bard AI, developed by Google, brings exciting advancements to search capabilities and serves as an "experimental conversational service" powered by Google LaMDA. Google aims to merge extensive knowledge with intelligence and creativity through Bard's capabilities.

While Bard presents itself as a strong alternative to ChatGPT in various functions, such as coding and providing advice on code-related matters, the full extent of Bard's capabilities has yet to be unveiled to the public. As Bard is still in the process of being fully released, the specific range of features and functionalities it offers remains to be explored.

For Coding


Design your cartoon graphic images

Design your cartoon graphic images

Character.AI lives up to its name, providing an AI chatbot experience centered around character-themed interactions. Whether you wish to engage with popular celebrities, historical figures, or movie characters, Character.AI allows you to simulate conversations with these fascinating personas.

With a diverse range of characters available on the platform, spanning from political figures like Donald Trump to iconic movie characters like Tony Stark (Iron Man), Character.AI offers an extensive selection for users to interact with.

Although Character.AI primarily revolves around character-themed interactions, it also offers a "Character Assistant" feature that allows for prompt and response interactions akin to ChatGPT-style conversations.

While the responses may not reach the same level of quality as ChatGPT, Character.AI still provides an intriguing and enjoyable experience worth exploring.


Chinchilla emerges as a robust alternative to ChatGPT, offering a plethora of features and advantages. Developed by Deepmind, it is considered the formidable rival to GPT-3. With an optimal computational model boasting 70 billion parameters, Chinchilla surpasses Gopher in terms of data volume, with four times the data.

Built upon transformer models like GPT-3 and BERT, Chinchilla showcases superior performance compared to ChatGPT, particularly evident in its success with the mathematical MMLU dataset.

These qualities make Chinchilla an exceptional choice for individuals seeking to delve into more sophisticated AI art, explore advanced search engine capabilities, or tackle complex writing tasks. Moreover, its language model is well-suited for reasoning purposes.

All in all, Chinchilla stands out as an impressive alternative to ChatGPT, offering a multitude of features and advantages that can elevate various AI-related endeavors.

For Coding


Bloom is one of the must try alternatives to ChatGPT

Bloom is one of the must try alternatives to ChatGPT

Bloom, a remarkable ChatGPT alternative, has been developed collaboratively with the expertise of over one thousand artificial intelligence specialists. This open-source platform has gained a strong reputation as one of the finest alternatives available.

Renowned as a cutting-edge multilingual language model, Bloom stands out as a top contender to ChatGPT. Let's delve into Bloom's key features:

  • Multilingual capabilities. Bloom showcases its versatility by generating text in an impressive range of 46 languages. It also supports 13 programming languages, delivering output that closely resembles human-written content.
  • Adaptive text generator. Bloom possesses the ability to tackle text assignments that it has not been explicitly trained for. It views these assignments as opportunities to generate text, showcasing its adaptability and flexibility.

Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak proves to be an invaluable mobile app for individuals seeking to enhance their English pronunciation and speaking abilities, whether for personal or professional purposes.

Accessible on both Apple and Android devices, Elsa leverages the power of AI to offer users valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses while learning to speak English. Through advanced speech recognition technology and natural language processing, the app provides real-time feedback and corrections. It enables users to identify and rectify pronunciation errors effectively.

When it comes to language learning and translation, Elsa stands out as a remarkable alternative to ChatGPT. Its engaging and interactive lessons are specifically designed to focus on practical speaking skills for everyday situations.

The app covers a wide range of topics, spanning from basic vocabulary and grammar to more advanced subjects like business English and public speaking.

Elsa Speak boasts an extensive collection of over 7,100 lessons thoughtfully organized into 22 critical skills necessary for mastering English pronunciation.

For Coding

Bing AI

Bing AI is currently drawing a lot of attention

Bing AI is currently drawing a lot of attention

Bing AI Chat, also known as Microsoft's AI-powered Bing, stands as the closest counterpart to ChatGPT available on the internet.

Leveraging OpenAI's recently launched GPT-4 model, Bing AI Chat surpasses the capabilities of the widely used free-tier ChatGPT in terms of power and factual accuracy.

What sets Bing AI Chat apart is its connection to living internet data, granting it access to real-time information on trends and events.

This unique advantage allows Bing AI Chat to provide prompt responses that are up-to-date and relevant, surpassing the capabilities of regular ChatGPT.

Additionally, with the added benefit of Microsoft's extensive pool of AI resources, Bing AI Chat gains an edge over many other alternatives in our list, further enhancing its performance and capabilities.

Regrettably, accessing Bing Chat is not as straightforward as ChatGPT. Interested users must join Microsoft's Bing AI waitlist, which currently consists of millions of individuals eagerly awaiting their turn.

While this waitlist may result in some delays, patience is key as you await your opportunity to engage with the chatbot.


ChatGenie is an AI-powered chatbot that offers prompt and accurate responses to all your inquiries. Leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology, ChatGenie ensures quick and precise answers to your questions.

With its user-friendly design, ChatGenie provides easy access to information anytime, anywhere. By utilizing the ChatGPT engine, customers can swiftly find the answers they need, saving valuable time compared to traditional methods.

Not only does ChatGenie enable efficient information retrieval, but it also empowers businesses to automate their customer service processes, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

In addition to its time-saving benefits, ChatGenie eliminates the need to wait for a customer service representative or search through lengthy FAQs.

This streamlined approach enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty while saving time and resources for all parties involved.


YouChat is a robust AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT, integrated into its search engine. Powered by an enhanced large language model inspired by ChatGPT, YouChat possesses the ability to engage in conversations while having access to the vast resources of the Internet.

This connectivity ensures that the bot stays up-to-date with the latest information, enabling it to provide accurate answers not only in chat but also within search results.

Engaging with YouChat is a seamless experience.

Simply navigate to the chat page, enter your query, and begin the conversation. YouChat operates similarly to ChatGPT, offering a wide range of information.

While it excels in a natural language interaction, YouChat is also proficient in tasks like code generation, providing advice, simplifying complex concepts, summarizing books, and much more. However, occasionally the bot may encounter difficulties and mention its inability to provide an answer at that moment.

Although YouChat may lack additional features such as voice input, chat sharing, or personalized personas, its strength lies in its updated knowledge base, which is highly valuable. The best part is that YouChat is completely free to use. Simply visit the website and start chatting without any barriers.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, although ChatGPT is a highly capable AI-powered chatbot, there are many excellent alternatives available that excel in content creation and automating customer service operations.

Each of the mentioned ChatGPT substitutes brings its own set of distinctive features and capabilities as conversational AI chatbots. Therefore, conducting thorough research is crucial to identify the most suitable option that aligns with your specific requirements.