OpenTable Plugin For ChatGPT

Thanks to the constant development of technology, a lot of services have become more convenient than ever before. Nowadays, you can quickly reserve your favorite table in a restaurant through an app. That's also the main purpose of the OpenTable app.

And let's think, how amazing is it when ChatGPT integrates OpenTable? Currently, OpenTable has integrated with ChatGPT, which means users can use services from OpenTable right in the use of ChatGPT without quitting this AI language model. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Moreover, this plugin is truly able to decrease the limitations of a language model like ChatGPT. ChatGPT can be made smarter thanks to it.

OpenTable is now available on Plugin Store of ChatGPT

OpenTable is now available on Plugin Store of ChatGPT

In this article, along with the introduction of OpenTable plugin for ChatGPT, you will also be shown with the tutorial of OpenTable plugin’s installation to your ChatGPT account and some reviews of experienced users about it. It's time to explore!

Take a look at OpenTable Plugin

For those who haven’t known about the app, OpenTable began as reservation software, but has now grown to become the world's most comprehensive restaurant platform. OpenTable assists restaurants in running more efficient shifts, filling seats, converting guests into regulars, and creating and selling dining experiences. In the process, they've also created the world's largest eating network, allowing them to better serve both restaurants and diners. 

OpenTable app

OpenTable app

Currently, OpenTable has become one of the earliest plugins accepted by OpenAI to combine with ChatGPT, so that users can have great experiences with both of them. Users can receive tailored restaurant recommendations based on their likes and location, as well as a direct link to make an OpenTable appointment via ChatGPT. 

This collaboration aims to make it easier to discover new eateries while also keeping things interesting for OpenTable consumers. Before spreading to more people, the integration will be gradually rolled out to ChatGPT Plus customers. Users can ask ChatGPT things like where to get a specific cuisine, what kind of ambiance to have for a special event, or even a restaurant with outdoor seating.

And for those who own restaurants, this integration has the potential to increase visitors to their establishments and raise sales. Overall, the alliance wants to make finding new restaurants simple and pleasurable for diners.

On the other hand, like other ChatGPT third-party plugins, OpenTable plugin helps extend the capabilities of ChatGPT, which means ChatGPT’s limitations can be improved thanks to it. If the training data set of ChatGPT is limited with events until September 2021 so it couldn’t provide you with information on trending ideas of food and beverage places, you can fix that problem with the OpenTable plugin. By entering “Use OpenTable" into the chatbot (like using other ChatGPT prompts), you are able to receive information of your needed restaurants as well as many other recommendations from OpenTable. 

How To Add OpenTable Plugin To ChatGPT

OpenTable plugin and other plugins available on ChatGPT can only be accessed with ChatGPT plus accounts. Therefore, the first and foremost necessary thing you have to do to install the OpenTable ChatGPT plugin is to own a ChatGPT plus account. Only with $20 per month, you will have chances to experience better responses from ChatGPT thanks to GPT-4. This AI language model's speed and quality of answers are also more stable than that in the free version. 

Now, follow the following simple steps to install OpenTable plugin: 

  • Step 1: Go to ChatGPT website and log in your account. 
  • Step 2: Between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 at the top of page (model sector), choose the GPT-4 model.
Plugin mode in ChatGPT Plus account

Plugin mode in ChatGPT Plus account

  • Step 3: Select the Plugin icon and go to the Plugin Store. 
  • Step 4: Search for OpenTable Plugin (its logo is red) and select “Install" to add this plugin to your ChatGPT. 

Also, if you wish to use the OpenTable ChatGPT Plugin, you must use the GPT-4 model and enable the plugin. (At the moment, only three ChatGPT plugins can be active at the same time.)

OpenTable Plus ChatGPT - How Can You Do With It?

The combination of the world’s most comprehensive restaurant platform with a great AI language model promises to bring users high quality suggestions about ways to enjoy their dinners. In particular, ChatGPT is capable of recommending how to make a great meal based on your specific needs, OpenTable can assist you in suggesting restaurants and booking tables in advance, and from now on, you are able to manage them simultaneously within ChatGPT's interface. What an amazing integration!

Let's see some possible ways to take advantage of ChatGPT with OpenTable plugin: 

Suggest Top Restaurants Suitable With Specific Demands

Within the ChatGPT interface, the OpenTable plugin provides a strong and versatile tool for restaurant recommendations adapted to specific needs. The plugin may provide recommendations for a wide range of dining establishments, from Michelin-starred restaurants to trendy cafes and casual eateries, by using OpenTable's large database. 

OpenTable plugin can suggest restaurants

OpenTable plugin can suggest restaurants

Location, date, time of day, food kind, occasion, party size, and even search radius can be specified by users. This information is then processed by the plugin, which gives a list of eligible options. This function is especially handy for organizing meals for special events, business lunches, or simply trying new restaurants.

Help Users Reserve Their Beloved Tables In Advance

With the assistance of the OpenTable plugin, ChatGPT provides a simple and quick way to reserve tables at your favorite restaurants. This feature not only helps users to discover new dining venues, but it also allows them to make reservations directly through the chat interface. Users can secure a table at their selected restaurant without leaving the chat by entering details such as the desired day, time, and group size. 

The need to browse various websites or apps is removed, making the booking process more convenient and user-friendly. Furthermore, because the AI can understand natural language queries, you are able to make these arrangements in a conversational manner, increasing the overall convenience and enjoyment of the experience. Through the integration of OpenTable into ChatGPT, the AI is transformed into a personal dining concierge, capable of handling all elements of your restaurant booking needs.

In case there is no table available at the restaurant you choose, the OpenTable plugin will immediately recommend some others which are more suitable for your needs. Thanks to that function, your worry about not booking a table in time can be removed. 

OpenTable plugin can let you know any tables available

OpenTable plugin can let you know any tables available

Since OpenAI allows all ChatGPT plus accounts to access plugins, a lot of users have used the OpenTable plugin for their own demands and express high satisfaction with this combination. The review below can be your motivation to take advantage of this plugin as soon as possible!

Review of OpenTable ChatGPT plugin

Review of OpenTable ChatGPT plugin

FAQs About OpenTable Plugin

To understand more about this plugin for ChatGPT, you can refer to some frequently asked questions below. 

1. What can I do in case I can't install the OpenTable Plugin to ChatGPT?

If you are unable to install the OpenTable ChatGPT Plugin, pay attention to these things to troubleshoot and determine why you are unable to install and use this specific plugin.

  • Check that you have a GPT Plus account, as ChatGPT plugins are presently only available to Plus subscribers.
  • Make certain that the ChatGPT plugins are activated in your ChatGPT account.
  • It is likely that the OpenTable ChatGPT Plugin is no longer available in the ChatGPT plugin shop due to some technical concerns with the integration.
2. How can I fix it when the OpenTable plugin for ChatGPT is not working?

Here are several solutions to problems with the OpenTable ChatGPT Plugin, such as when you receive error messages instead of a ChatGPT response.

  • Select the ‘Regenerate Response’ Button
  • Check the Sector Model you choose whether it is Plugin mode or not. If not, change the mode and re-use the plugin. 
  • Check that the OpenTable ChatGPT Plugin is turned on.
  • Check out the other reasons why ChatGPT isn't working: Sometimes, it is likely that there is no problem with the OpenTable plugin, but ChatGPT has some technical issues in general. So, as a best practice, see if ChatGPT works without the plugin mode enabled.
3. How to uninstall the OpenTable plugin in my ChatGPT account?

You can uninstall the OpenTable ChatGPT plugin whenever you don’t want to use it anymore or in case you would like to add other plugins. Here are the way to uninstall: 

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of ChatGPT and log into your account. 
  • Step 2: In the model selector, tap GPT-4 mode, then choose the Plugin icon there. 
  • Step 3: Go to the Plugin Store and find the logo of OpenTable plugin. 
  • Step 4: Next to the logo, you can see the “Uninstall" button. Select it to remove the OpenTable plugin from your ChatGPT account.