4 Types Of ChatGPT Plugins That Aren’t Worth Your Time

Worst ChatGPT Plugins

Worst ChatGPT Plugins

Plugins took the Internet by storm when they were first announced back on March 23rd, 2023. From the humble 11 plugins, now we have access to a whooping number of 200+ plugins with more being added every day.  

With so many ChatGPT plugins available, how do you know which ones are worth your time and which ones are not? 

That’s why we have done the hard work for you and tested all the ChatGPT plugins that are currently available. And we have identified 4 types of ChatGPT plugins that you should avoid at the moment.

These are the plugins that either don’t work as advertised, have serious bugs, or are just plain boring. Here are the 4 types of ChatGPT plugins that aren’t worth your time:

Useless Plugins

Some ChatGPT plugins are completely useless because they are either broken or serve no purpose. They are just a waste of time and space on your device. Here are some examples of useless plugins that you should avoid:

  • ChatwithWebsite: This plugin claims to allow you to ask ChatGPT any questions about a website, which can help you save tons of research time. But it seems to have a lot of bugs, as we have tested it multiple times on multiple days but it always fails to start. We don’t know if this plugin is still under development or abandoned, but either way, it doesn’t work at all.
  • I Am Rich: This plugin is supposed to show the iamrich.jpg image when the insert prompt features words that have the same meaning as “I am rich”. This plugin is created just for fun, without any other purposes. But we don’t see the point of this plugin, as it doesn’t add any value or entertainment to your chat. It’s just a silly image that you can easily find on Google. Why would you need a plugin for that?
  • Scraper: This plugin is supposed to help users extract content from any website by providing it with an URL. But the fact is it doesn’t really scrape the website or interact with the URL, the only thing this plugin does is it simulates the process of scraping the web. 
  • Currency Converter: As the name suggests, this plugin is supposed to help you convert one currency to another. But there are plenty of websites and apps that can do this already, so why even bother using this plugin? It doesn’t offer any additional features or benefits.

Search-Type Plugins

Another type of ChatGPT plugin that you should avoid is the search-type plugin. Search-type plugins can be easily described as “Let me google it for you” because at the moment that is exactly what they do. They either search Google or their specific database and give you the answer.

If these plugins could integrate other features like booking or comparing prices, they might be more useful and interesting. But as they are now, they are just redundant and boring. Here are some examples of search-type plugins that you don’t need:

  • Turo: This plugin helps you search the Turo database for the perfect vehicle for rent that suits your requirements. You can basically do this on the Turo website or app and get similar or sometimes better results. 
  • Rentable Apartment: This plugin helps you search for an apartment for rent that is suitable for your requirements. But again, you can do this on many other websites or apps that have more features and options than this plugin. The plugin doesn’t show you any photos, maps, ratings, or amenities of the apartments. It just gives you some basic information like price, location, and size.
  • Tabelog: This plugin helps you look for the best restaurant in Japan with different requirements. This is the same feature as the Tabelog website, which is much more user-friendly and comprehensive than this plugin. The plugin doesn’t show you any menus, or photos of the restaurants. 
  • Ambition: This plugin is created by the job listings site RemoteAmbition and basically just pulls current job listings based on your criteria, except not as comprehensively as a Google search or more significant sites like Indeed. 
  • AI Tool Gunt: This plugin helps you to look for AI tools for your need. But There’s An Ai For That already does a far better job than this plugin. The plugin doesn’t show you any screenshots, demos, reviews, or ratings of the AI tools. 
  • Zumper Rental Search: This plugin is just like Rentable Apartment but only for the US and Canada. It has the same limitations and drawbacks as the previous plugin.
  • UK Latest News: This plugin gets you the latest UK news. But we think that using Google will get better results than this plugin. 

That’s Just Normal ChatGPT

Some ChatGPT plugins are not really plugins, but just normal ChatGPT features that anyone can use without installing anything. They don’t add any significant contribution or value to your chat experience. They are just redundant and unnecessary.

Here are some examples of plugins whose features can easily be done with a few prompts into ChatGPT:

  • PlaylistAI: This plugin helps you create a Spotify playlist based on your preference. But you can do the same thing by simply asking ChatGPT to generate a list of songs that match your mood, genre, or artist. You can then copy and paste the list into Spotify and create your own playlist.
  • Creature Generator: This plugin helps you create any kind of creature, from fantasy to sci-fi. But you can do the same thing by simply describing the creature you want to ChatGPT and asking it to generate a name, appearance, and abilities for it. 
  • Photorealistic: This plugin generates photorealistic prompts for MidJourney. But again, you can do the same thing by simply asking ChatGPT.
  • Meme Creator: This plugin creates prompts based on given contexts, such as “When you forget to do your homework” or “How I feel on Mondays”. But you can do the same thing by simply asking ChatGPT to generate a funny caption or a reaction for the context. 

Soon To Be Useless

Some ChatGPT plugins are serving a temporary purpose that will soon be replaced or integrated into ChatGPT itself. 

These are plugins that fill in the gaps that are yet to be filled by AI companies, but as soon as they do, these plugins will become obsolete and irrelevant.

Here are some examples of them:

  • Link Reader: This plugin automatically extracts and summarizes any content on any document or website. Currently, we can only ask ChatGPT to search the web but we think that soon we will be able to upload files to ChatGPT. 
  • SceneXplain: This plugin allows you to add images to your prompts. But this is something that ChatGPT will soon be able to do natively, as OpenAI has announced that they are working on integrating image generation and manipulation into their models. You will be able to ask ChatGPT to generate or edit images based on your text input or vice versa.
  • AskYourPDF: This plugin reads any PDF file and then gives you answers to any questions related to that PDF file. But as mentioned earlier, we will soon be able to do this in ChatGPT. 


All these plugins are not particularly bad, but they either don’t serve any particular purpose, are easily replaceable by other apps and websites, or will soon be outdated by ChatGPT itself. 

Instead of using these plugins, you should check out the ones that we have reviewed here at Chatonai. Those plugins are well-made, with amazing premises, and can help you achieve more with ChatGPT.