AI Might Soon Replace These Jobs: Is Your Career Safe?

AI Might Soon Replace These Jobs

AI Might Soon Replace These Jobs

A short time ago, many people who worked with knowledge didn't believe they could be replaced by AI. But now, with ChatGPT becoming very popular, people are starting to wonder if AI might soon replace these jobs (which we will soon reveal below), just like workers in factories have been wondering for a long time. 

In this blog, we will find out which jobs are at high risk of being replaced by AI and which ones are safe. We will also talk about the overall power of AI in today's world, so get ready.

How ChatGPT Affects Jobs

OpenAI, the company that made ChatGPT, recently did research on job replacement. They looked at how AI could affect different jobs and their responsibilities. To do this, they made a special plan to study it. They gathered information about lots of jobs and what people do in those jobs. Then they asked both people and AI to look at the information.

The results were very interesting, but let's keep it simple. Based on their calculations, they think that about 80% of people who work in the US might have at least 10% of their work tasks affected by AI. That means some things they do could change. And for 19% of workers, about half of their tasks could be impacted. This could mean big changes for jobs and the job market because of AI. 

So which jobs are most likely to be taken away from humans by AI like ChatGPT?

10 Careers AI Is Set To Replace

Data Entry Clerks

Data entry roles involve doing tasks that have clear rules to follow. This means it's a job that can be done by a computer because it's repetitive and follows a set pattern.

Jobs that need to make decisions based on analyzing data, like financial analysis or medical diagnosis, are most at risk. Generally, any job that involves following specific steps or rules can be replaced by automation.

Typing information into a computer takes a lot of time. While it's important for many businesses, it's a task that can be done by AI. With new technology, we can use computers to do many parts of data entry automatically.


Whether people are ready to trust an AI fact-checker is something else to think about. But jobs that involve finding correct information quickly and easily could change with the help of a chatbot. This chatbot can find accurate information on the internet and show where it came from. It feels like we're getting closer to making this happen.

Checking big texts for mistakes takes a lot of time and needs a lot of attention. But AI programs can already check for mistakes in just a few seconds. So, jobs like proofreading could be done by computers instead of people.

Content Production

AI Might Soon Replace These Jobs Content

AI Might Soon Replace These Jobs Content

If you've tried ChatGPT, you know it can write helpful and relevant paragraphs really fast, like a writer or editor, but even quicker. There are other tools like ChatGPT that do similar things and charge a lot of money for special services.

Some big websites have started using AI to make content and write articles. But it hasn't been easy for them to create lots of content with AI. We still have a long way to go before ChatGPT can replace writers completely. But many publishers are keeping a close eye on this, so let's see what happens in the future.

Beginner Administrative Positions

Jobs that involve administration could be at higher risk of being taken over by AI tools like ChatGPT. Admin roles include things like taking notes, checking for mistakes, writing summaries, and handling spreadsheets. ChatGPT can already do these tasks well.

In a research note, it was mentioned that Goldman Sachs predicted around 300 million jobs could be done by AI in the future. They said that jobs in "office and administrative support" have the highest percentage (46%) of tasks that could potentially be done by AI.

Customer Service Agents

Sometimes, customers ask the same questions over and over again. Answering these questions doesn't need someone with a lot of emotions or understanding of social situations. That's why AI can be used to give automatic answers to these common questions.

These questions might be about things like when the delivery will arrive, confirming a payment, canceling an order, or checking on a refund. If the AI can't answer the question, it will send the question to a real person who can help the customer.

Graphic Designers

AI tools like DALL-E can create pictures quickly that look just as good as what experienced graphic designers can make. Even ChatGPT Plus customers can now use GPT-4, which lets them put in pictures, and other AI chatbots can make cool pictures too, like

Right now, tools like DALL-E won't take away jobs from graphic designers. Some artists are actually using them to help them make art. But it's important to think about what these tools could do in the future. If we can already get technology that makes great pictures now, just imagine what it might be able to do in a year!

Legal Assistants

AI legal assistants are already being used in the real world, and you can even try some of them for free. One of these programs, called Casetexts, can look at legal documents and research papers, and assist lawyers in getting ready for important meetings. It can even check contracts and make changes to follow the law and protect your business from potential risks.

As you can see, AI legal assistants can do many of the tasks that paralegals do right now.


AI Might Soon Replace These Jobs Trader

AI Might Soon Replace These Jobs Trader

When it comes to trading, could a computer program do a better job than a human? Well, if we think about the tasks you have to do when you're new to the job, the answer is most likely "yes."

Teams all over the world are already using ChatGPT and Bard to create Excel formulas for specific tasks. This helps them save a lot of time searching for the right formulas. In our recent tests, both ChatGPT and Bard gave us quick responses with Google Sheets formulas, which would have otherwise taken a long time to find by searching on Google.

Bankers And Accountants

Many companies now use special computer programs called AI for their accounting. These programs are really helpful because they work online and keep everything safe. All you have to do is enter your daily transactions into the program, and it takes care of everything else.

The AI program collects, stores, and analyzes the data correctly. Using an AI accounting program costs a lot less money than paying a person to do the same job.

Software Engineers

AI can do a lot of the boring and repetitive testing that software engineers do when they make new things. It can also help with tasks that junior software engineers usually do.

AI might be able to find mistakes in the code and fix things that aren't safe. But it might not be as good as human engineers when it comes to making really complicated software that needs creativity.

OpenAI is making a program called Codex that can be used for all kinds of coding tasks. People at Amazon and Samsung have been using ChatGPT for coding as well. This shows us that we should never underestimate the possibility that one day ChatGPT could potentially replace programmers.

Jobs That AI Can’t Take Over

We're still a long way from the future where robots do all the work and we can do whatever we want. There are still many jobs that humans will do for a long time. For example, it's hard to imagine robots taking over the jobs of lawyers, nurses, and police officers anytime soon. We need to trust AI a lot more before we give it important jobs that need responsibility, even if the technology is really good at doing those jobs.

In fact, many people are worried about AI and think we should be careful about how we use it. Even big tech companies are speaking up and saying we need to be cautious. This concern will probably always be there, not just for now but for a long time.

Preparing For AI's Impact

AI Might Soon Replace These Jobs impact

AI Might Soon Replace These Jobs impact

AI is changing the way we work, and it's important for companies to help their employees learn new things so they can keep up. If companies don't do this, they might fall behind.

But what can you do as an individual to get ready? Remember, big changes won't happen right away. If you’re worried that AI might soon replace these jobs in the future, there are things you can do to adjust. Learning new skills like being good with people and using AI chatbots and other tools can help you get started.