ChatGPT API Rate Limit: What You Need to Know

ChatGPT API Rate Limit

ChatGPT API Rate Limit

OpenAI recently launched ChatGPT API, which lets users create their own AI chatbot using an interface called API. They added many new features and benefits, including a powerful model called GPT-3.5 turbo.

One interesting feature of ChatGPT API is the "rate limit". It's like a rule that controls how many times you can access the server or make requests in a certain time period.

Even though rate limits exist for other OpenAI models, not many people know about them. In this article, we'll explore everything about the ChatGPT API rate limit. We'll find out how it works and what might happen if you use it too much. And guess what? We'll also discover some exciting facts about it.

What Is ChatGPT API Rate Limit?

A rate limit is a restriction that an API sets on how many times you can access the server within a certain time. It's like a rule based on your subscription plan.

In ChatGPT API, different rate limits depend on the plan you choose. Rate limits are like rules that tell you how many times you can ask for something in a minute. You can measure rate limits in two easy ways: either by counting how many requests per minute (RPM) or by keeping track of the number of tokens per minute (TPM).

ChatGPT API Rate Limit Subscription

ChatGPT API Rate Limit Subscription

For free trial users, the rate limit is 20 requests per minute and 150,000 tokens per minute. For people who pay, there are special rules that tell them how much they can ask for and use within a minute. In the first 2 days, they can ask for up to 60 things per minute and use up to 250 requests per minute. After 48 hours, these limits increase to 3,500 RPM and 350,000 TPM.

Why Do ChatGPT Have Rate Limits?

When using certain services, sometimes there are special rules to make sure everything goes well and works nicely. These rules are called rate limits, and they have a few important reasons:

  • Stopping things from going too fast: Sometimes, people try to use a service too many times all at once. This can cause problems and make the service not work properly. Rate limits help prevent this by making sure things happen at a good pace.
  • Making sure everyone gets a turn: When some people use something much more than others, it can make things unfair for everyone else. Rate limits help make sure that everyone has a chance to use the service without any issues.
  • Keeping everything running smoothly: To make sure everything runs smoothly, it's important to avoid having too many people use something all at once. When that happens, it can slow down or even make it stop working completely.

How Do Rate Limits Work?

ChatGPT API Rate Limit How

ChatGPT API Rate Limit How

Sometimes when you use certain services, they have rules about how many times you can ask for something in just one minute. These limits are called rate limits, and they depend on how many requests and tokens you use.

For example, imagine you have a rule that says you can ask for up to 60 requests every minute and use up to 150,000 special tokens every minute. This means you can ask for something up to 60 times in just one minute, or use up to 150,000 tokens.

To help you understand better, let's imagine you can only make one request per second. If you send a request every 800 milliseconds (which is less than a second), you can make another request without any issues. However, if you don't wait for at least 200 milliseconds before asking for something again, it might not work properly. 

That's why it's important to follow the rules and wait for the right amount of time between asking for things. This way, we can make sure that everything goes well and without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happens if I Use Too Many Requests?

If you use too many requests in a short time with ChatGPT API, you might get a Rate Limit error. This means you have to wait for a little while before asking for more things. The API needs a little break to catch up!

2. Are There Limits on the Free Trial?

Yes, during the free trial, you can make up to 20 requests per minute and use up to 150,000 tokens per minute. But the tricky part is, even if you use fewer tokens, once you ask for 20 things - you'll still have to wait for another minute to ask!

3. Can I Request to Increase My Rate Limit?

Yes, you can ask for an increase in your rate limit. However, that’s not always work. You need to give a good reason why you need more requests. It’s important to explore the API usage in a responsible manner and ensure that everyone has an equal chance to use it.


In summary, understanding and respecting the rate limit of ChatGPT API is crucial when using it for applications like chatbots or writing assistants, as it determines the maximum number of requests you can make in a specific time period to ensure smooth performance. 

By being mindful of the rate limit and following the tips we mentioned, you can utilize ChatGPT effectively, stay within the allowed limits, and prevent any errors from occurring.