ChatGPT Extension For VSCode: Write Code Easier Using AI

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode

The ChatGPT extension for VSCode is a helpful tool that allows you to use AI to get assistance with coding. It works inside your code editor and helps you write new code, ask questions, fix mistakes, and more.

So let's dive into the best Visual Studio Code extension: ChatGPT by EasyCode. In this article, we'll explore how this extension benefits and the steps to install it. Besides, check out other fantastic VSCode extensions you should try.

About ChatGPT By EasyCode

As we all know, ChatGPT is an AI system that can generate natural language responses from OpenAI. Its potent abilities changed the way we work. For example, ChatGPT Chrome extensions are our assistant in different categories, such as writing, summarizing, translating, etc. 

Regarding utilizing ChatGPT in code, EasyCode developed the ChatGPT extension. It is a powerful tool that makes coding in Visual Studio Code even better. 

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode EasyCode

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode EasyCode

With this ChatGPT extension, coding becomes easier than ever. If you need code, it will generate snippets or whole functions. Have a coding question? Just ask, and the AI assistant will give you clear answers in plain language.

Use the ChatGPT extension by EasyCode to boost your coding experience. It's easy to use and packed with AI smarts. Give it a try in Visual Studio Code and see the incredible support it brings. Look at this pros and cons table for a detailed look:



  • Free & Easy Setup: Setting it up is simple and requires no OpenAI key. It's free to use during alpha, and there will be a free version even in the future.
  • Multi-task: It assists with code writing, answering questions, explaining concepts, refactoring, and bug hunting.
  • Security and Privacy: Your data is not stored or used for training. Your information will remain secure.
  • In-Line Autocompletions: It offers experimental in-line autocompletion. That means this extension gives you suggestions while you code.
  • Language Support: It works well with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python. This tool also supports other languages with language extension packs.
  • Handling Complexity: It may struggle with complex questions or code that needs more context or logic.
  • High OpenAI Credit Consumption: Frequent use of GPT4 could be expensive due to OpenAI credit usage.
  • Dependency on External API: ChatGPT by EasyCode relies on an external API. It may have downtime or errors, affecting its functionality.
  • Compatibility with Other Extensions: It might not work smoothly with certain other extensions or features of Visual Studio Code.


This ChatGPT extension for VSCode has many handy features that make coding easier and more enjoyable. Here are some of its key features:

Ask Follow-Up Questions

ChatGPT by EasyCode allows you to ask more questions based on the answers you get. This feature helps you understand things better and explore different possibilities.

For example, if you ask: "How to reverse a linked list in Java?" and get a code snippet as a response. Next, ask: "Can you explain how this code works?" or "Can you optimize this code?" as follow-up questions. 

Use this trait to create new code from scratch by asking: "How can I write a function that does X?" 

Conversation History

The extension keeps a record of your past questions and answers. This way, going back and reviewing what you've learned before is just a click. Take time to remember and build on your knowledge with this practical feature. 

Project-Specific Questions

What if you are in trouble with questions related to your own coding projects? ChatGPT by EasyCode is here to resolve them. For example, "What does this function do?" or "Where is this variable defined?". 

To use this feature, index your codebase by clicking the "Ask Codebase" checkbox below the question box. That's how you create an embedding of your codebase that ChatGPT or GPT4 can use to provide relevant responses. 

Code Suggestions

More than answering and generating code, this extension is one of the best code editors that give suggestions for your coding. It helps you modify your existing code or even generate new code. This is how you save time while writing better code.

AI Detection Tools

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode Code Suggestion

For example, select a function and ask: "How can I modify this function to do X?". You will get a code snippet that shows the possible changes. 

Code Explanation

If you encounter complex or unfamiliar code, ask ChatGPT by EasyCode to explain it in simple language. This function enables you to understand how the code works and learn from it.

Semantic Search

With the ChatGPT extension, you have the power to search for the right code and information in your codebase or on the internet. It's like having a built-in search engine for coding! 

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode Semantic Search

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode Semantic Search

Now, you can easily find answers to your coding questions, discover examples, and get solutions to tricky coding problems. It's a valuable tool that simplifies the process of solving coding issues.

Setup Process

Step 1: Check Compatibility and Language Support

Before installing the ChatGPT by EasyCode extension, ensure you already know how to use the Find All References feature in Visual Studio Code. Besides, if you are working with Java, Ruby, Go, PHP, C#, C, or C++, make certain you have the proper language extension pack installed.

Step 2: Indexing Your Codebase (Optional)

After installing, you'll have the option to "Index codebase." This step is crucial for AI to provide relevant answers tailored to your specific situation. We suggest you index a folder containing most of your project's logic.

Step 3: Asking Codebase Questions

Once this ChatGPT extension for VSCode is installed and your codebase is indexed (if applicable), ask questions directly related to your codebase. Check out this tutorial video for more details:

By following these steps, you can quickly install the ChatGPT - EasyCode extension. Now, it's time to index your codebase and prepare to enhance your coding experience.

Other ChatGPT Code Extensions

ChatGPT By Tim Kmecl

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode Tim Kmecl

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode Tim Kmecl

ChatGPT by Tim Kmecl is another extension for Visual Studio Code that adds AI-powered help to your coding. It lets you ask questions and get code suggestions from ChatGPT or GPT4 in the editor. This tool helps you in many ways: write new code, ask coding questions, get explanations, and more.

To use it, install the extension and add your OpenAI API key. Then, feel free to ask questions or select code to get AI responses. The answers will appear in a panel next to the editor. 

Code GPT

Code GPT is an AI service designed to be more inclusive. It works with OpenAI, but also supports other alternatives like Cohere, AI21, and Anthropic. That means it has more options for different AI models.

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode CodeGPT

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode CodeGPT

To use the Code GPT extension, you must have an OpenAI API key. Start by setting it up using a special command. Ensure you have enough credits or a premium plan to use the service. One great thing about Code GPT is that it takes prompts from code comments and generates usable code in your desired programming language.

It has both built-in and custom prompts, which are like guidelines for the AI. The only small drawback is that it only handles a maximum of 800 words at a time. So it works best for shorter texts compared to some other similar tools.

ChatGPT By Genie AI

The ChatGPT extension by Genie AI will make talking to AI more enjoyable. It has a nice and user-friendly design, with prompts that are easy to understand. It works with GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4. Besides, it needs an OpenAI API key to function like other ChatGPT extensions.

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode Genie

ChatGPT Extension For VSCode Genie

One cool thing about this tool is choosing how the AI responds to you. Set it to be precise, balanced, or creative, depending on your needs. The Genie AI VS Code extension also allows you to talk to ChatGPT directly using its chat box. It's like having a conversation with the AI.

You don't have to copy and paste it into your code when using it. The extension automatically puts the code in the right place for you. Also, you can save your chats on your computer and return to them later.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT extension for VSCode, along with other models, is making our task easier and easier. But remember, they are just tools to assist us and can not completely replace developers.

Using these extensions for programming is great, but it doesn't mean everything will be perfect. You must combine these AI tools with your own input and use your internet search skills to solve programming problems. It's all about finding the right balance and making the most of AI and your skills to succeed in programming