ChatGPT To Recommend Restaurants: Your New Foodie Guide

ChatGPT To Recommend Restaurants

ChatGPT To Recommend Restaurants

You must be familiar with the growing popularity of AI, which is a big talking point globally. But here's something: companies are leveraging AI to enhance customer satisfaction without burdening their employees or increasing their workforce. They aim to enhance people's experiences when they make purchases or seek assistance from a company.

OpenTable, an online reservation company, has teamed up with ChatGPT to recommend restaurants. In this blog, we're going to explore how ChatGPT can help us find the perfect place to eat.

ChatGPT's New Feature: Restaurant Recommendations

According to Restaurant Business, if you pay $20 a month, you can ask ChatGPT for help finding awesome restaurants. For example, you can ask, "Which Vietnamese restaurant in California has the best reviews?" The smart bot will search the internet. It will then give you an answer that even includes a convenient link to instantly book a reservation.

Restaurant Business also mentioned that in the future, more people will be able to use ChatGPT to find restaurant recommendations. OpenTable might even make the chatbot available on their own website.

Even before this exciting partnership between OpenAI (ChatGPT's parent company) and OpenTable, people were already testing the bot's skills in suggesting great places to eat. Radio stations in Kentucky and Arizona, called K93 and 102.5 KNIX, tried it out and got lists of the best restaurants in their states.

For restaurants, in order to get noticed by ChatGPT and be recommended, using OpenTable plugin can make their profiles more attractive. They can add more information like menus, tags, photos, and reviews. The more details they provide, the better chance they have of being recommended by ChatGPT.

Future Plans

ChatGPT To Recommend Restaurants Future

ChatGPT To Recommend Restaurants Future

At the moment, only people who subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for $20 a month can use this feature. They get faster responses and access to new things. But fear not. In the future, more people will be able to try it out. OpenTable is thinking about adding the bot to their own website too.

OpenTable Chief Growth Officer Susan Lee mentioned in an email that at the moment, the feature is exclusively accessible through ChatGPT. However, she expressed excitement about envisioning potential future applications.

Final Thoughts

Using ChatGPT to recommend restaurants is not the only thing you can do. It can also help restaurants in many other ways as well, and can process lots of information in the blink of an eye. With this, it can assist with things like taking orders, planning menus, analyzing costs, and much more. This means you can save tons of your precious time for what truly matters to you.

For restaurant owners, AI can bring a sense of consistency to their business. This is important because the restaurant industry can be unpredictable and full of different challenges