ET Conversation With Sam Altman: Revealing The Future Of AI

ET Conversation With Sam Altman

ET Conversation With Sam Altman

The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, had a special talk with Satyan Gajwani, Vice Chairman of Times Internet. Together, they discussed how AI is making a big impact on businesses, jobs, and society. The talk took place during The Economic Times Conversations event, where CEOs and founders of top tech startups, policymakers, and business leaders attended. Now let's explore the key points from our summary of ET conversation with Sam Altman below.

AI's Impact On Society, Science, And Chatbots

During the interview, Sam Altman discussed OpenAI's mission to benefit society and improve the world. He explained that OpenAI always chooses what's best for society over what benefits the company's owners.

Altman expressed his excitement about how AI can make science and technology even better in the future. He believes that AI will play a big role in improving our lives, even though we haven't fully discovered all its possibilities yet. Altman cautioned that we shouldn't expect AI to do everything right away because it takes time to achieve great things.

However, he believes that as time goes on, AI has the potential to exceed our expectations and do amazing things.

Altman also talked about how AI can help us as coaches and therapists, making us better instead of replacing our emotions. He mentioned that AI can even create beautiful classical music, but he worries about people falling in love with robots.

Altman talked about making chatbots as well. He said it's okay to make mistakes and have errors. Mistakes and errors can help us come up with new ideas and be more creative.

He mentioned ChatGPT and some worries he had about it. He said we should always check and make sure that chatbots like ChatGPT are safe and do the right things.

AI has the power to impact our society, science, and even the development of chatbots. It's important to use AI in a helpful and reliable way, considering its impact on our emotions and creativity.

Regulation And Concerns For AI

ET Conversation With Sam Altman Regulations

ET Conversation With Sam Altman Regulations

The OpenAI’s CEO talked about how we can regulate and address concerns related to artificial intelligence. He explained that some people who have a lot of power could use AI in bad ways, so it's important to have rules to stop them from doing harm.

Altman also mentioned that some worries about AI from science fiction movies might not actually happen. However, he knows that using AI might cause some problems. One big concern is how it could be used to treat people unfairly or make them suffer.

When it comes to regulating AI, Altman emphasized the need to strike a balance. He thought that it's not fair for smaller companies to have too many strict rules that might make it difficult for them to grow and come up with new ideas. But he also said that the government needs to be a part of making sure AI is used safely and in a good way.

So the main idea is finding the right balance between rules and innovation when it comes to AI. We want to make sure AI is used in a way that benefits everyone and doesn't cause harm.

The Future Of AI And GPT Models

During the ET conversation with Sam Altman, the OpenAI’s CEO talked about what's next for AI and the development of new models. He mentioned that OpenAI has a lot of work to do before making GPT 5. Creating advanced AI models takes a long time and needs careful checks for safety.

Altman didn't give an exact date for when GPT 5 will come out because more research and preparation are needed. It shows that creating these models takes a lot of effort and they want to make sure everything is done right.

So we can look forward to exciting advancements in AI, but it will take time and careful work to bring us new and improved models like GPT 5