KeyMate.AI Search Plugin For ChatGPT

Have you ever thought what can happen if ChatGPT is able to access the Internet for the latest information? It is undoubted that the combination of ChatGPT and Google search would create a mighty AI which is capable of perfectly completing many tasks. 

Recently, Google Search and ChatGPT GPT4 were combined by Keymate.AI as a ChatGPT plugin. That means from now on, accessing the Internet within ChatGPT is no longer an imagination. The developers had to increase their daily API quotas by three times because this ChatGPT plugin's popularity is rising so quickly. It feels amazing to assist 30,000 people in finding information and finding solutions online. This number is likely not so surprising because of the helpfulness of this integration. 

Logo Of App

Logo Of App

That's also the reason why you should not miss the information about this great plugin. In this article, we will show you not only the definition of KeyMate.AI Search plugin for ChatGPT but also the way to install and use it effectively. Let's get started!

Deeply Understand About KeyMate.AI Search Plugin 

This plugin will search the internet for current information on a variety of topics to help you expand your knowledge.You can combine the various search sources it gives you access to. By reconstructing user prompts and conducting searches with several API calls, where you will produce a list of search queries and make multiple requests, it allows you to access data after your training cutoff date. 

Moreover, multiple language searches are made possible by this plugin, and user privacy is maintained at all times. It gives summaries and whole HTML material from the top-ranked sites as search results, enabling more precise and pertinent responses. The search results are trustworthy and free of useless material, broken links, and unavailable websites. Use the URL in the response if you want to cite the sources. Additionally, the system makes use of the user's past commands to enhance search queries and provide more accurate responses based on the most recent data accessible.

Users can quickly ask the GPT language model and the KeyMate to research any topic by using this ChatGPT Plugin.The custom search engine's AI Search plugin will deliver the most pertinent search results. Businesses and people looking for specific information or data that might not be readily available through conventional search engines will find this plugin to be especially helpful.

Additionally, the KeyMate.AI Search ChatGPT Plugin provides more sophisticated search options, such as the ability to filter search results by time, language, and geography. Users will always get the most current and pertinent information for their unique needs thanks to this functionality.

In general, KeyMate.AI ChatGPT integration has created a helpful plugin used within ChatGPT’s interface to be nearly similar to access the Internet. This plugin offers precise and pertinent search results, making it an indispensable resource for anyone looking for information online.

The most special feature of this plugin, oppose to many other ChatGPT third-party plugins, KeyMate.AI Search is designed as an app for iOS which can add iPhone AI Characters along with a new AI keyboard so that users can access GPT-4 with Google Search plugin on any apps they use in their smartphones. 

How Can Users Install KeyMate.AI Search Plugin?

Currently, ChatGPT requires two-factor authentication for some plugins, and KeyMate.Ai Search plugin is one of them. Therefore, the very first step you have to do is enable this mode in your ChatGPT Plus account. In order to turn on this mode, go to Setting, then choose Data controls. You will see “Enable two-factor authentication” in the final line, choose “Enable” and wait for an one-time used code. After that, you are required to log into your account again to continue your work with ChatGPT. 

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Enable Two Factor Authentication

When you finish enabling two-factor authentication, continue to install KeyMate.AI Search plugin by following the below steps: 

Logo Of KeyMate.AI Search Plugin

Logo Of KeyMate.AI Search Plugin

  • Step 1: Select GPT-4 model. (You can easily see GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models at the top of your chat). 
  • Step 2: Choose “Plugin" and go to the Plugin store. Search for KeyMate.AI Search and you can see the logo of this plugin like the image below. 
  • Step 3: Choose Install and wait for a few seconds to complete your installation.

As you know, OpenAI developed its own plugin known as “Browsing” that allows users to access the Internet. However, not all users can use this plugin. Thus, KeyMate.AI Search plugin will be the great alternative which can help achieve the same functionality. Thanks to KeyMate.AI Search ChatGPT plugin, users are able to catch up with some latest information that will be so helpful for lots of tasks, especially in Marketing. 

According to a share from users who already tested ChatGPT using KeyMate.AI Search, they can take advantage of this plugin in many tasks. Following are some outstanding potential uses of it: 

  • Collecting material for social platforms.
  • Communicating with co-workers through Slack in many languages
  • Quickly look up information on WhatsApp during a conversation with a friend, without disrupting the flow of your discussion, when making travel or future plans.

In fact, KeyMate.AI Search plugin can do more, especially when users know how to combine this plugin with others (maximum two other ones). In case you have a ChatGPT Plus account but don’t receive the Browsing feature, you must install this plugin. It will play a role as an extension to double the capability of ChatGPT. 

FAQs Of KeyMate.AI Search ChatGPT Plugin

With a view to helping ChatGPT users deeply understand and be assured to use this great plugin, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers: 

1. Am I able to uninstall KeyMate.AI Search plugin?

Like many other plugins, you can completely remove this plugin whenever you no longer want to use it. In order to uninstall a plugin, you can go to the Plugin Store, search for the plugin you need to uninstall. The “Uninstall" button is next to the logo of the plugin. Choose it and wait for a few seconds to uninstall that plugin. 

2. What language does KeyMate.AI Search plugin support?

According to the developers, this plugin can help users in any language. 

3. Can I search the result from ChatGPT using KeyMate.AI Search plugin?

No unavailable websites, broken links, or irrelevant information will be found in the search results returned by KeyMate.AI Search, so you can trust them