Webpilot plugin for ChatGPT

Initially, ChatGPT allowed users to access GPT-3.5 so users couldn’t receive information about a lot of websites. That is because of the limitation in the training data set which is limited with the events until September 2021. Understanding this limitation (like many other AI language models), OpenAI accepted ChatGPT API from other developers and ChatGPT plugins from third-party firms have been integrated with ChatGPT from then on.

Within a list of popular plugins, we cannot ignore the Webpilot plugin for ChatGPT. This plugin has abilities to remove users’ worry that they cannot get information about necessary websites. Similar to other plugins for ChatGPT, this add-on can be “eyes and ears” of ChatGPT which can effectively limit the limitations of this AI.

In the series of ChatGPT plugins we are trying to give you details, you must not miss this useful one. Let's find out the functions of this third-party plugin and what you can explore within ChatGPT's interface with it.

Make A Tour To WebPilot Plugin

According to many sources of information, WebPilot is a tool which has an interesting backstory. Webpilot originated as a browser addon called Fluentify, which was developed to help people read online text. ChatGPT originated the term "Fluentify," and the original version of the extension was also created by ChatGPT.

Fluentify received an incredibly good response following its open-source release. And with a view to increasing brand recognition, the developer decided to turn its name into WebPilot, and the domain name Webpilot.ai was registered to boost brand recognition.

Official website of Webpilot
Official website of Webpilot

Webpilot version 0.9 is now available in the Google and Edge stores. It is totally open-source and free, and is based on the ChatGPT-3.5 interface. The official release date is set for May. The open-source working group is hard at work on a set of "pilot" products, mostly based on the ChatGPT plugin. The developers are also building a formal team and migrating to a corporate structure.

In detail, Webpilot is a robust ChatGPT plugin that includes the following capabilities to improve your online experience:

  • Summarize web page: Enter a URL and Webpilot will produce a brief summary of the page's content, as well as three thought-provoking questions or insights—ideal for editors and content creators.
  • Smart Q&A: Input the questions you are wondering about your visiting web page, and Webpilot will respond with responses based on its content.
  • Tone can be customized: Specify the tone you want, such as "Steve Jobs," and Webpilot will react in that tone.
  • Language Preference: Webpilot prioritizes your preferred language. Begin with "Bonjour," and the discussion will progress in French.

Some can debate that the two last features above have been utilized by ChatGPT. However, every task with WebPilot will be much more upgraded than that by ChatGPT. (Let's check them out later in the next part.)

And from now on, with the help of Webpilot like a plugin added to ChatGPT, you are able to tell ChatGPT to list the URLs for its sourcing to help with fact checking by simply typing something like "list the URLs used to provide the information" to the prompt.

And with that, you can say goodbye to those vexing ChatGPT messages like “I'm sorry, I can't provide real-time updates or news as my training only includes information up to September 2021, and I don't have the ability to access or retrieve personal data unless it has been shared with me in the course of our conversation."

Chat with ChatGPT plugin WebPilot

Chat with ChatGPT plugin WebPilot

And one more interesting thing related to this plugin is that OpenAI allows users to chat with ChatGPT plugin WebPilot online without logging into the official ChatGPT interface (along with all the other dozens of plugins), with the option to submit your own OpenAI API key if needed to overcome the API key limit for the general-access online version.

eep In WebPilot Plugin’s Features

As mentioned above, there are 4 main abilities WebPilot plugin has up to now. Let's have a demo with each of them:

Summarize web page

This feature is extremely useful for editors, content writers, and anyone else who needs to rapidly grasp the essence of a web page. When you enter a URL, WebPilot delves into the content of the page, thoroughly evaluating it to generate a succinct description. And its usefulness doesn’ts stop there. In addition to the summary, Webpilot offers three thought-provoking questions or observations about the content. This is especially good for creating content ideas, inspiring discussions, or simply having a better understanding of the subject matter. It's like having a personal assistant who not only reads the information for you but also converses with you about it.

Use WebPilot to summarize

Use WebPilot to summarize

Smart Q&A

Have you ever had a question when perusing the internet? With Webpilot's Smart Q&A function, you can enter any questions that come up throughout your surfing session, and Webpilot will respond depending on the page's content. This function essentially turns your surfing experience into an interactive dialogue, making it easier to extract the information you require and improving your comprehension of the text.

Intelligent Q&A function of WebPilot plugin

Intelligent Q&A function of WebPilot plugin

Customized Tone

Webpilot's ability to adjust its tone based on your preferences is one of its most notable features. Do you want your comments to have the confident and visionary tone of a celebrity? Simply enter the name of the one you want, and Webpilot will modify its responses accordingly. This feature personalizes your interactions with Webpilot, making them more interesting and entertaining.

Language Preference

Webpilot is intended for a global audience, thus it prioritizes your preferred language. If you begin your communication with "Bonjour," Webpilot will carry on the conversation in French. This functionality ensures that you may use Webpilot comfortably in your native language, making it a truly user-friendly application.

However, ChatGPT may forget to use Webpilot when you only enter a simple sentence without a specific ChatGPT prompt that requires it to use Webpilot. Therefore, remember to require “Use Webpilot" whenever you need to use this plugin in order to receive the most appropriate responses within ChatGPT.

Use preferred language with WebPilot

Use preferred language with WebPilot

FAQs About Webpilot Plugin

In order that you can deeply understand and start using this useful plugin for ChatGPT, we provide you with some frequently asked question about Webpilot plugin below:

       1. How can I install the Webpilot plugin for ChatGPT?
  • Step 1: First of all, you have to go to ChatGPT official website and log into your ChatGPT Plus account. Remember that, like other plugins, Webpilot plugin can only be accessible with a ChatGPT Plus account.
  • Step 2: Choose the GPT-4 model from the model picker, then click the ChatGPT plugin icon.
  • Step 3: Go to the Plugin Store and search for the Webpilot plugin.
  • Step 4: To add the WebPilot ChatGPT Plugin to your ChatGPT account, click the 'Install' button.
       2. Why can’t I install the Webpilot ChatGPT plugin?
If you cannot add the Webpilot plugin to your ChatGPT account, follow the steps below to troubleshoot and determine why.
  • Check that you have a GPT Plus subscription, as ChatGPT plugins are presently only available to Plus subscribers. You must also ensure that the ChatGPT plugins are activated in your ChatGPT account.
  • It is conceivable that the WebPilot ChatGPT Plugin is no longer available in the ChatGPT plugin shop due to technical issues with the integration.
       3. How can I chat with the ChatGPT plugin Webpilot outside the ChatGPT official website?
With the Webpilot plugin, users are allowed to chat with the plugin without using ChatGPT on the official website. In order to use this function, you can go to this link: Chat with ChatGPT plugin WebPilot and explore what you can do in it.